The Truth About Dipping Powder Manicures.

An alternative to the popular gel manicure, dipping powder manicures have become the new go to service for clients that are looking for a healthier alternative. However, are these dipping powder enhancements truly healthier than gel manicures?

Nessa Quach, licensed nail technician and owner of The Nail Nest, says that, " both services offer that extra layer of protection to your natural nails to promote healthy nail growth underneath, but it comes down to personal preference."

SNS, a top brand of dipping powder system, advertises it's dipping system as "Healthier for your nail by added Vitamin E & Calcium along with a list of other claims such as being a natural choice.

The truth is that there is less than 0.001% Calcium and Vitamin E when using this system and they come from the cuticle oil applied at the end of the service and not the actual powder itself. Cuticle oil is offered with regular and gel manicures and doesn't make dipping powders healthier.

The dipping powder is actually a really fine acrylic powder that uses glue instead of liquid monomer to adhere to the natural nail.

A lot of women just trust in what they’re told by brands, advertising, and even at local nail salons, but this is yet another reminder that just because a brand says something, does not mean its true. This type of thing is happening a lot in the so called ‘clean’ beauty space. Products are claiming to be natural when in actual fact they aren’t. We are all getting smarter about what we put on our bodies, and brands know it.

This post was not meant to put down dipping powder systems, but to educate about the misinformation that brands can put out in order to push one enhancement over another.

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