Healthier Nail Enhancements at The Nail Nest!

You've probably heard of acrylics. You've more than likely to have tried and failed at your fair share of press on nails. And if you take care of your nails at all then you, at least once in your life, have gotten a gel manicure. Now, what happens when you combine the best qualities of these nail enhancement systems into one service? Gel nail extensions!

Stunning, healthy resulting hands and nails with Gel Nail Extensions available at The Nail Nest NOW!

The Nail Nest is excited to offer this new gel nail extension system to our clients. Gel nail extensions are made from the same gel formula that gel polish is made of. Benefits of this extension system include:

- added length and full protection to your natural nails.

-strong and long lasting like acrylic systems.

-no powder or harsh chemicals to inhale unlike acrylic systems.

-able to add nail art enhancements.

-natural look and feel.

The Nail Nest is one of the first few salons to offer this gel extension system in Georgia since 2018 and the knowledge and experience we have with it translates into a perfect set of nails each and every service!

Healthy nail growth after 3 weeks using the Gel Nail Extension System

Your nails have never been as healthy and more protected as when you switch over to the Gel Extension Nail System.

Long nails are also achievable with the Gel Nail Extension System

Add length to your natural nails while keeping it protected for proper, healthy growth.

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